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Geothermal Resource


The news about the geothermic phenomena date back
to antiquity. In the Tabula Itineraria Peutingeriana, a military
map of the 3rd century, two important thermal baths are
mentioned: the Acquas Volaternas and the Acque
Popularie, and in the middle a circular lake
which probably represented the boraciferous area, linea
where a lot of boiling pools were present.
The geothermal museum was founded
The Acquas Volaternas are to be identified with the in the 50 by Larderello s.p.a. and tells the
thermal complex called The Bath in the Middle age story of the development of geothermal
and in the Renaissance, for the beneficial effects of the energy from 1818 to the present day in a
waters. Any trace of the Aque Populanie had been lost chronologcal order, starting from
till an excavation in the area of Sasso Pisano rought to the thermal exploitation in roman times
light a roman and etruscan thermal complex called linea till the chemical exploitation in the last
Bagno del Re (the king Bath), which we can easily century and the production of electricity
identify with the Aque Populanie. in 1904. The history of the exploitation

on left the first soffione - on right Putizza

of geothermal energy is illustrated in all its
aspects, from research to drilling, to the
various systems for using geothermal
fluid for the generation of electricity,
linea thermal power, and mechanical power.
Original models and equipment cover
the history of drilling.
  A series of boards use photographs and
Industrial activities in Larderello were already present since diagrams to explain the genesis of geothermics,
'700 , with the exploitation of the geothermal waters for the research methods, drilling, and the
the production of boric acid and only later for the various systems for exploiting this kind of
production of electricity, when the prince Piero Ginori lit five linea energy. Two relief models, one from 1860
light bulbs in 1904. and the other from the '90s, show the
  transformation that took place in the


150 years of the industry's development.
Four scale models of plants Larderello 3
(1950), Gabbro (1969), Radicondoli (1981),
and the unified 20MW group (1990) show
how this type of plant evolved.
linea In the video lounge you can retrace the
history of drilling and the geophysical
phenomena which make a territory a geothermal
area. On request you can watch the opening
of a steam jet which draws the steam 750
  metres underground, the temperature is about
  200°C. the speed with which the steam goes out
    is 400m/sec, powerfully producing at the
beginning a hiss which becomes a very loud
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