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                 La Valle del Diavolo
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Inside the wood of Monterufoli and Berignone


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The significant naturalistic, historic and cultural values of the Upper Cecina Valley are protected within an important sy stem of Nature Reserves known as "Berignone Foresi"; " Monterufoli- Caselli Forest " and "Montenero". The " Monterufoli-Caselli Forest " Reserve is in the midst ofthe mineral-rich hills, covering 4.328 hectares (10.690 acres) spread aver the municipalities ofPoma-rance, Monteverdi Marittimo and Montecatini Val di Cecina. The dominant elements of the landscape are extensive Mediterranean forests and dense evergreen scrub from which emerge the occasional typical green rocks. It is importune for i ts conservation and biodiversity extending from the basin of the Trossa stream to the east to the river Sterza to the west and the isolated Caselli mountaim. The dominant features of the area are the ravines, impervious rocky cliffs and a network ofstreams. The numerous hills are formed from serpentinite (ophialite) rock, commonly known as "green rocks", which have conditioned the ecolo gy of the entire area, creating an important habitat far the many rare and endemie flower species. They are magmatic and meta- morphic rocks which formed the oceanfloor 180 million years ago and were subsequently compres sed and forced above sea level by significant movements of the earth's crust.

Castello dei Vescovi La torraccia

Fiume Cecina


The Reserve is very rich in minerals and the copper mines on the Linari stream are fascinating, as are the brown coal mines at Villetta or the quarries of precious Chalcedony near the Monterufolino farm.


A landscape abounding in natural, historic and cultural element where animals such as wolves and wild cats thrive, and where it is possible to observe the flight of birds of prey such as the short-toed eagle, the honey buzzard and the sparrow hawk. The varied river environments add to the already rich landscape, provi ding important, precious habitats for rare amphibians such as the Italie frog, the yellow-bellied toad and the spectacled salamander as well as interesting reptiles such as the European pond tortoise. This area is worth visiting for its many natural aspects, the colours of the landscape and the evidence of human presence through the centuries. The 17th century Monterufoli Villa, in the middle of the forest, is the most important monument in the area and the departure point of many of the Reserve's most interesting paths.
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